"Christians love one another. They do not overlook the widow, and they save the orphan. The one who has ministers ungrudgingly to the one who does not have." (St. Aristides, 2nd century)

Charitable causes that we support:                                    

Prerana Niketan

      Children of Prerana

         About Prerana: "Help to help oneself " is our motto. The School is trying its best to develop the          hidden potentialities of special students and to help them fulfill their lives.
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    St.Gregorios Balagram

    About Balagram: Balagram's primary mission is to provide a conducive atmosphere in a home away from home for the children of leprosy patients.
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                                         Food Assistance Program                                          


    About the Program: The parish is currently developing a food assistance program for needy families in our community. We plan on launching the program in connection with our 10th anniversary celebrations in August of 2014.


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