A few Malankara (Indian) Orthodox Church members living in Tampa Bay area of Florida had been meeting at the homes of these church members since April 20, 2004 for Sunday morning prayers.After a month
of those meetings, a set of bylaws were drafted, and Saint Mary's Malankara Orthodox Congregation was incorporated in the State of Florida on May 24, 2004, as a non-profit organization.

The first business meeting of the newly incorporated congregation was held on 7/18/2004 at a member's
residence following Sunday morning prayer. Sixteen members were in attendance. At a business meeting of the congregation on 7/25/2004, it was decided that all members should complete membership forms,
and also to send letters to all Kerala congregations and organizations of the area announcing our
presence.On Sunday,August 1, 2004, members attended the Holy Qurbana that Very Rev. Dr. M. E.
Idiculla Core-Episcopa celebrated at his residence in memory of his late father.

There were twenty-six people in attendance. On Sunday, August 8, 2004, Rev. Fr. P. M. Zachariah, in the presence of Very Rev. M. E. Idiculla Core-Episcopa, celebrated the Holy Qurbana for the congregation at a member's residence. At a meeting after this Holy Qurbana, members elected a Managing Committee of eight (8) members for the administration of the congregation, with Rev. Fr. P. M. Zachariah as president.

It was also decided that the congregation would follow the constitution of Malankara Orthodox Church,
and that the Managing Committee would be reelected every year, at the annual general body meeting, as stipulated therein. Everybody present expressed their commitment to work together toward achieving
the future goals of the congregation.Starting August 29, 2004, the congregation continued to have Holy
Qurbana every Sunday at a hall provided by Family of Christ Lutheran Church, Tampa, Florida. Metropolitan His Grace the Most Rev. Dr. Thomas Mar Makarios visited the congregation and celebrated the Holy
Qurbana on January 29, 2005.

With the help of loans provided by four members, the congregation purchased a 1.06-acre piece of property in Wesley Chapel, Florida, on September 2, 2005. An existing building on this property was renovated,
and has been used as the place of worship and meeting since September 8, 2005. The name of the
corporation was officially changed in the State records to St. Mary's Malankara Orthodox Church on August 11, 2005. Presently, a Board of Directors with Very Rev. Dr. M. E. Idiculla as President, and eight (8) other directors who include a vice-president, a secretary, and a treasurer, manages the organizational affairs of St. Mary’s Malankara Orthodox Church, Inc. The church membership has continued to grow.

In the presence of Senior Priest V.Rev.Dr.M.E.Idiculla (left)

and Rev.Yuhanon Wilson(right), Rev. P.M.Zachariah

reads the Episcopal letter declaring the parish as part of American Diocese.



Rev. Fr. P. M. Zachariah, celebrating the First

Holy Qurbana of this congregation (August 8, 2004)

in the presnce of Very Rev.Dr. M. E. Idiculla Core-Episcopa, 

at the residence of one of the Member








 V.Rev.Dr.M.E.Idiculla  and   Rev.P.M. Zachariah (Vicar)


Diocesan Secretary Rev. Fr. K.G. Philipose

Visited the Parish on December 1st 2007